Bosch Hedge Trimmer


Safety plugs

If you are buying a wired hedge trimmer please buy a safety plug to go with them.


What do safety plugs do?

They can quite literally save your life! If you accidentally cut through the cable while hedge cutting them you could have a very nasty accident. Safetly plugs work by sensing a change in the current and automatically trip the power off before any harm comes to you.


Do they work well?

A definite yes! I can speak from personal experience having cut through two hedge trimmer cables in my time...not surprisingly I only use a battery powered hedge trimmer now!

When I did cut through the cable there were absolutely no ill effects, no bang, no sparks, just an embarrassed "whoops" from me and a sheepish explaination to the missus.


Are they expensive?

Not at all, they cost just a few pounds and can be used for all manner of electrical devices with trailing cables from hoovers to lawn mowers.

We have included a small selection of the better models for you below.


Model Name

Masterplug Safety RCD Adaptor

Draper 69307 13 Amp RCD Safety Adaptor

Amazon rating

3.9/5 Stars
22 reviews in total

4.7/5 Stars
3 reviews in total

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