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Replacement batteries

The question we are asked the most is for replacement batteries so we have decided to try and build a list of the available batteries starting with the current models. We certainly won't be able to list all the batteries, many of the older types won't be available any more but we'll do our best.

There are many battery variations available so please make sure you double check the Amazon listing and your hedge trimmer manual before committing to buy the battery on Amazon's website! We cannot be held responsible for incorrect purchases.


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47mm x 50mm x 83mm

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2 years

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Lithium Ion Battery information

Most new battery powered hedge trimmers use Lithium Ion batteries, but what are they exactly? How do they work? What are their advantages?

We aim to answer all your questions below!


What is a Lithium Ion Battery?

It's the latest type of battery on the market sporting the newest technology and they can be found everwhere from mobile phones to laptops and even electric cars!


What are the advantages of Lithium Ion batteries?

There are several main advantages over the old Ni-Cad or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries.

Firstly they have a very high energy density - that means they can hold lots of juice in a small area, which is how an energy intensive device such as a hedge cutter can be powered from a battery that plugs into the back.

They don't suffer from the 'memory effect' which was a big problem with older batteries. It meant they needed discharging after use otherwise they wouldn't charge fully the next time they were used, happily with Li-ion batteries it's no longer a problem!

They hold their charge well. If you charge your hedge trimmer up ready to attack the garden and then get rained off (or put it off!) it doesn't matter with lithium batteries, they will hold most of their charge over long periods of time.

Finally you can top Lithium Ion batteries up whenever you like, they don't need to be run flat first - so cut some of your hedge in the morning, top up the battery while you are having lunch and finish it later in the day!


Bosch 18V interchangable batteries

Boschs new range of lithium ion batteries for the battery powered hedge cutters are all 18V. Not only that but they are standardising the battery range across their garden equipment. So an 18V battery from your hedge trimmer will also work in your garden vac, screwdriver and many other devices across the Bosch range!

Such a simple but clever idea, it means if you have more than one Bosch product you will have a backup battery to hand if you run out of charge, you will also have two chargers so you can charge two batteries. It will help massively with productivity and make hunting out specific batteries and chargers a thing of the past.

As we research the items more throughly we'll post a bigger list of the compatible products on this page, keep checking back and if you have any questions in the meantime do ask us on the contact us page.