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Before you contact us, please read the following information:

We are not Bosch (the site looks a bit amateurish for them!), we are simply running a small website to help people find the best price on a Bosch hedge trimmers. We started the site after spending hours searching for the best model and price for our latest hedge cutter and getting bogged down in all the technical specifications and prices, so we've laid them out in an easy to compare way.


***We cannot help with queries on:***



Repairs (including where to get it repaired)

Whether your model is still in warranty

***We simply don't have that information. You must contact the shop you bought the trimmer from or Bosch UK***


Having said that, we don't want to appear unfriendly! If you are pondering a hedge trimmer in the range we list then by all means tell us what your requirements and we'll tell you what we think is the best trimmer for the job, though of course our opinions are subjective in themselves!

If you do want to email us, the picture below shows our email address. I'm afraid we are rather old fashioned and you will have to type the address into your preferred email program manually - it's a bit of a pain but it helps to keep the spammers at bay!

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