Bosch Hedge Trimmer


About us

We are a very small team who have noticed that there is so much information sloshing around the internet it can be difficult to find exactly what you need. We aim to bring you small websites with focused, specific items on each of them and describe them in an easy to understand way.


Do you have all the items featured on your website in stock?

We don't actually sell anything directly! There is no way a small site such as ours could compete with the big shops so we don't try to. Instead we work in partnership with them, we provide all the information you need to make an informed decision and then we provide links where you can buy directly from the big retailers such as Amazon, Homebase and B&Q.


What do I do if I need to return an item?

You will need to return it to the shop that you bought it from, all the information you need should be on your receipt.


So do you do this for fun then?

Yes we do! It's a good feeling to think that we are helping people to make easy decisions about what they want to buy. We would ask that if you find the site useful then please do buy your items through our site. Clicking on one of the 'buy' buttons on our site takes you to the retailer and you complete the transaction with them. They then send us a very small commission for directing you to their site.

This site costs money to keep alive so any money we can make from it is greatly appreciated!


Do you have any other sites?

Actually we do!

We are in the process of launching super zoom cameras, the easiest way to find the best compact and bridge cameras with long lenses!

You can find it at

We have just launched a new site to help you decide on the best grill griddle for your needs, you can find it at

We are also in the process of designing and launching Black and White Christmas Tree, a site purely made to help you find the perfect black, white or even multi-coloured Christmas tree!

You can find it at